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Gblog Write It Up: Share Your Interview Experiences
Since we are receiving so many interview experiences, we have great news to share with you. Therefore, we are moving this event’s date up to… Read More
Building a website and then deploying it to cloud platforms to see it working live is a skill that is in high demand and will… Read More
Trie data structure is defined as a Tree based data structure that is used for storing some collection of strings and performing efficient search operations… Read More
Given a binary tree and an integer K, the task is to write a program to count the number of nodes such that the path… Read More
Given a binary string consisting of ‘0’ and ‘1’ only and an integer K, the task is to minimize the string as far as possible… Read More
What is Segment Tree? A Segment Tree is a data structure that stores information about a range of elements in its nodes. It also allows… Read More
Role: Full Stack Developer Eligibility: 10th,12th – 80% | Diploma – 70% | Btech – 7 CGPA No Active backlogs for current academics Detailed Recruitment… Read More
Tata Digital came to our college for on-campus recruitment for an Intern + performance-based PPO offer. Round 1: The first round was a coding round.… Read More
A little while back, I went through the interview of Tiger Analytics Chennai, India, and here I am sharing my experience with everyone. In total… Read More
It is an interview experience of one of my friends who recently got an intern in a prestigious company i.e. Wells Fargo . Following is… Read More
It was a 3 round assessment process. Online Hackerrank Coding Assessment: The test was on 25th August 2022, at 8 pm. The test duration was… Read More
The placement consisted of a total of 3 rounds. The first was Online Assessment, the Second round was a technical interview and the third round… Read More
PwC India came to our campus for Summer Internship Recruitments in around August 25, 2022.  More than 300 students applied for the summer internship process.… Read More
Interview Round 1 : Time: 20-30mins Introduction (The interviewer mentioned to me what points I had to include in my introduction. These points were Name,… Read More
Hi. I am a Final Year student of B. Tech in Information Technology at NIT Kurukshetra. Amazon visited our college to hire SDE-1 on 8th… Read More
Priority Queue: A priority queue is a special type of queue in which each element is assigned a priority value. And elements are served based… Read More
Given a 4-digit number with at least two distinct digits, Your program should perform the following operations on the number:  Arrange the digits in descending… Read More
Given a binary tree and a node start that is initially infected. For every second, neighbours of an infected node get infected. The task is… Read More

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