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Category Archives: Recursion

Given a binary tree and a node start that is initially infected. For every second, neighbours of an infected node get infected. The task is… Read More
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Given a 2-D array A[][] of size N×3, where each element of the array consists of {x, y, r}, where x and y are coordinates… Read More
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Given N tanks connected like a tree, the connections between them in an array Edge[][], and the capacity of each tank in the array cap[],… Read More
What is a Proper Tail Call? Proper tail calls (PTC) is a programming language feature that enables memory-efficient recursive algorithms. Tail call optimization is where… Read More
Given a number N and a mapping of letters to each integer from 1 to 8, which are: {1: ‘abc’, 2: ‘def’, 3: ‘ghi’, 4: ‘jkl’,… Read More
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Given an undirected tree with N nodes numbered from 1 to N and an array A[] where A[i] denotes the value assigned to (i+1)th node.… Read More
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