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It was a 3 round assessment process. Online Hackerrank Coding Assessment: The test was on 25th August 2022, at 8 pm. The test duration was… Read More
Computer Vision is one of the applications of deep neural networks that enables us to automate tasks that earlier required years of expertise and one… Read More
Ciena Corporation is an American telecommunications networking equipment and software services supplier based in Hanover, Maryland. The company has been described by The Baltimore Sun… Read More
Round 1: Coding Round (2 hrs): The first round was an online coding round that consisted of 3 questions : It was a very basic… Read More
Fully transparent widows with PyGame have their own advantage while building many games and apps via Python. Thus in order to achieve the functionality of… Read More
Given a binary string S, the task is to count the substrings having the number of 0s and 1s in the ratio of X :… Read More
Cadence Design Systems visited our campus for an internship + PPO offer. They did not have any aptitude or coding round, they screened our resumes… Read More
Chat Room has been the most basic step toward creating real-time and live projects. The chat page that we will create will be a simple… Read More
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Netflix, the top video streaming service in the world was founded in 1997 and started out by shipping DVDs to customers by mail. Now it… Read More
Given an array of pairs arr[] of size N (N ≥ 3) where each element of pair is at most N and each pair is… Read More
Coding Round:  Given a number x, and a range of y to z. Please find the count of all the numbers in the range. Such… Read More
Greetings of the day! Fanatics came for the pool campus drive and only CSE students were eligible. Round 1: Resume shortlisting. Only 20 students out… Read More
Given a string  S of length N containing small-case English alphabets and an integer K, the task is to find the maximum possible length of… Read More
I have mentioned my TCS interview journey in a nutshell & trust me if you will read the whole article it will help you a… Read More
JP Morgan visited our campus NIT Jaipur during the 2nd week of August. The whole process consisted of 5 rounds : Round 1 Online Test:… Read More
Round 1: Online Round (Platform – HirePro) Quantitative Aptitude • Questions – 20 Ques• Time – 30 mins Programming MCQ • Questions 20 Ques• Time – 30… Read More
Errors are common in digital signals because of noise in the transmission line. Due to this, the data sent by the sender will change and… Read More
A web application’s quality needs to be guaranteed in terms of response speed, usability, user base, capacity to manage different traffic surges, the accuracy of… Read More
Cisco recently visited the IIT BHU campus to offer a 2-month internship for the upcoming summer of 2023. An online coding round was conducted on… Read More

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