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Interview Round 1 : Time: 20-30mins Introduction (The interviewer mentioned to me what points I had to include in my introduction. These points were Name,… Read More
It was campus hiring and The recruitment process is slightly changed at that time when I applied in 2022. Firstly a Martian program exam was… Read More
First, they do their orientation in online mode explaining the process of recruitment stages of examination the posts they have. They have three posts, first,… Read More
The persistent system came to our college for an on-campus drive. Students were shortlisted on the basis of resumes and eligibility criteria. Then there was… Read More
Round 1: Online Test So First of all Round 1 was scheduled from11:00 am, 24th July 2021, UTC +05:30, IST (New Delhi) to 11:00 am… Read More
Round 1: Aptitude Round It was held on the AMCAT platform and it was an easy round as quants weren’t part of the aptitude test… Read More
I was interviewed with Persistent Systems Limited for the base package. I applied through my TCS National Qualifier Test Score on the TCS iON Job… Read More
Persistent Systems Interview Experience (On-campus) Round 1:  Aptitude Round It was held on the AMCAT platform and it was an easy round as quants weren’t… Read More
All the rounds were virtual   Round 1(Base package) Test was conducted on AMCAT SHL platform :   MCQ and 2 coding questions MCQ was divided… Read More
Usual start: Introduction, Discussion on the resume. PS: Company generally looks for students having good grip on JAVA, C++. Interview Questions: Abstract Class OOP’s Concepts… Read More
Round 1(Aptitude Test-1): Persistent Systems conducted a selection exam consisting of aptitude questions, technical MCQs, and 2 programming questions on the Aspiring Minds platform.  One… Read More
Round-1(Online Assessment): Through Amcat for 1:30hrs (14 March 2021)  The first round comprised of around 90 questions including aptitude, logical, C output questions, and technical… Read More
Puzzle: A lady makes a purchase of Rs 200/- in a store. The shopkeeper sells the goods with zero profit. He receives a Rs 1000/-… Read More
Total 4 Rounds –   Round 1 – CSE Questions Aptitude/Reasoning/Coding (90 MCQs & 2 Coding) Round 2 – Advanced Coding (2 Questions) Round 3… Read More
Persistent Systems | Software Engineer | Pune | Sept 2020 | (On-campus) Selected I had appeared for Persistent Systems written test + Interview in September… Read More

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