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Category Archives: School Programming

Given a 4-digit number with at least two distinct digits, Your program should perform the following operations on the number:  Arrange the digits in descending… Read More
Given positive integers N, A, B and C such that 1 ≤ C < N. The task is to maximize the value of B by… Read More
Python is an easy-to-learn language and connectivity of python with any SQL database is a much-desired option to have the persistence feature. Python is an… Read More
Given an array A[] of size N, the task is to maximize the frequency of any element by adding any positive integer X to all… Read More
Given an N×N matrix mat[][] and an integer K, the task is to search K in mat[][] and if found return its indices. Examples: Input:… Read More
Given a matrix mat of N*N (N is a perfect square|) and two points x and y, the task is to return all the elements of the… Read More
The term Blockchain first came in the 1990s but it was actually implemented in 2009 when an anonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto made Bitcoin using… Read More
Given an integer N, denoting the size of a circle where first N integers are placed in clockwise order such that j and (j+1) are… Read More
A pen tool is a standard tool used in Photoshop which helps create paths and shapes of various sizes to create selections that can later… Read More
Given a variable X having an initial value 0 and an array of queries Q[] of size N containing the type of operations, the task… Read More
Given a positive integer N, the task is to check if N is a Squarable Number or not. An integer “N” is said to be… Read More
Decentralization is known as the distribution of functions among several units. It is an interconnected system where no single entity has complete authority. It is… Read More
Given an array arr[] containing N positive integers, the task is to add an integer such that the bitwise Xor of the new array becomes… Read More
Photoshop Vector tools are one of the tools that enable us to create such aforementioned vector graphics. Vector graphics are nothing but computer graphics that… Read More
The concept of programming lies between solving complex expressions, to ease human efforts. The computer is super fast and can do a lot of calculations,… Read More

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